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Eliza Carpet 120х180 см %60 Discount
Eliza Carpet 80х300 см %60 Discount
Gaynor Carpet 120х180 см %60 Discount
Gaynor Carpet 155х230 см %60 Discount
Lena Rug 80х150 cm Discount
Lena Rug 80х150 cm
3248 1299
Lena Rug 80х150 cm Discount
Lena Rug 80х150 cm
3248 1299
Lena Rug 80х150 cm Discount
Lena Rug 80х150 cm
3248 1299
North Rug 90х150 cm %60 Discount
North Rug 90х150 cm
4998 1999
Rabbit Rug 90х150 cm %60 Discount
Rabbit Rug 90х150 cm
3998 1599
Siena Carpet 120х180 см %60 Discount
Tribal Carpet 120х180 см Discount
Urban Folk Carpet 120х180 см Discount

Carpets help create an atmosphere of comfort and chic in the room

Floor and door mats help create a special atmosphere in the house, help to provide comfort and a great mood for households and guests. Therefore, it is worth to understand that among the home accessories there are no trifles: any thing tells the attentive guest a lot about the style of life, customs and habits of the owners. A number of home or office items play a significant role in gatekeepers' carpets, which carry out the most dirty work, contributing to the preservation of cleanliness and providing the goodness and cleanliness of the room.

Maintaining the purity in the house is the main function of the carpets

The access pad provides less dirt that enters the room, so there is no need to wash the floor after each visitor. This is especially true in the winter or rainy weather, when the dirt tries to penetrate into the house..

Typically, gatekeepers' carpets are made of mud or water-repellent materials. The English Home Online Store offers a wide range of home and office products, including carpets of excellent quality and affordable value.

Cleanliness in the house is a guarantee of health, and carpet guards help maintain cleanliness in the house. Manufacturers produce these products in various color solutions, made from various materials:

  • rubber,
  • coconut,
  • pile,
  • fabric with rubberized base, on polyvinylchloride or latex basis.

Can be decorated with different ornaments or have a monochromatic color, differing in different density, texture. Smooth, nap, cloth or coarse mesh - they are equally well complemented by the interior, while fulfilling its main purpose.

Door carpets can be used before the door or in the hallway, bathroom or dressing room. Rubber mats and mats with a rubberized base have good anti-slip properties, are easy to wash, do not require special care, are great for use on tiles or on another slippery surface.

Types of carpets

  • A nap mat made of a mat will be the perfect solution for flooring near the front door - it is comfortable, fluffy, aesthetic and practical. Fabric mats, as well as products with a one-sided rubberized base, are made of dirt-repellent materials, will be the best option for your home or office.
  • Carpets made of coconut material can be used for a long time without loss of their kind. True, they can be cleaned only with the help of a vacuum cleaner. To provide a specific entourage to the room, it is worth carefully picking up the color of the mat, complements the overall design of the room stylistics.
  • Particular attention deserves gryazevpitivayuschie mats, which have high parameters of irresistibility, easy to wash and for a long time keep their original presentable appearance.
  • Carpets with a bright light or a patterned look look much more fun than products made in boring dark colors. At the same time, do not forget that mats of light tones are more likely to get dirty and they will have to be cleaned more often from dirt.
  • Door carpets may differ in the non-standard shape - and, in addition to the classic square, be round, semicircular, rectangular. If you want to create a unique interior, buy a mat with an unusual pattern or original inscription - this will not be left unnoticed. 

Beneficial Shopping at English Home

In the English Home store you can buy various accessories for the home, including carpets. Buying products from us, the buyer is guaranteed to receive quality goods at an affordable price.

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